Smartcom FiberEye

Smartcom FiberEye alerts to cable faults before they can affect services

Centralized and proactive system which monitors for cable cuts and faults. Advanced algorithms that track fiber health over time enable service providers to conduct preventive maintenance.

Fiber cuts still cause 10% of all service outages

Telecoms build their communication networks to be secure and highly redundant. However, fiber cuts still play a major role in service disruptions, which could leave customers without internet for hours, even days. The inability to repair these cuts in a timely manner, could result in financial losses and service providers have to reap the sour fruits of bad customer experience.

Can you really see your fiber?

Most telecoms do not have visibility over the physical layer of their network - the outside plant (OSP). The numerous cable routes, off-premise cabinets, manholes, etc. are often catalogued only on paper. You need to send Barry to the basement to go get them every time. And don’t even think about updating them...  As a result, the outside plant is often a risky blind spot for the operations team.

Traditional fault isolation is too slow for the modern speed of your business

Typically, service providers detect faults by monitoring the active devices. If a link goes down, Barry and his team get into a truck to chase down the precise location of the fault manually, using hand-held OTDRs. This is a reactive approach. It is time-consuming, requires too much manpower and unnecessary truck-rolls. At the same time, it can’t provide real-time operational information.

Find and fix faults faster with Smartcom FiberEye

Smartcom FiberEye is a centralized system which connects to permanently installed remote testing units (RTUs), based on an OTDR technology, to monitor automatically, 24/7 all three key elements of the outside plant. The system locates critical events with high precision and speed: 

  • Fiber monitoring for cable faults, cuts and potential degradation
  • Critical infrastructure monitoring against intrusion and trespassing
  • Copper cable monitoring allows for instantaneous reaction against theft attempts

Prevent faults before they happen

Smartcom FiberEye uses advanced algorithms to track fiber health over time. It alerts network operators to potential problems and so helps prevent outages before they happen.

Lower your operating costs

Smartcom FiberEye finds the precise location of the cable fault within minutes and displays it on a geographical map. The result is fewer truck-rolls and less operational expenses.

Deliver better customer experience

Thanks to 24/7 automated, proactive monitoring, Smartcom FiberEye ensures minimal network downtime. Service operators are now able to reap the sweet fruits of improved customer experience.

Enable the digital transformation of your outside plant

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