We are proud

that our knowledge and efforts are part of
many modern electronic products around us.


What do we do?

In short...

...we make Process Design Kits which are used in Electronic Design Automation.

So, PDKs for EDA.

What does this mean?… Here is the longer version.

Look inside your phone

Your smartphone is a system of components: display, camera, memory, etc.

Almost all components have tiny silicon chips, each with a job: communicating, storing, doing math, etc.


The chips are made in fabs - semiconductor fabrication plants. These fabs develop the manufacturing processes (called “technologies”) for creating tiny (and we mean really tiny) electronic components. Each technology is so highly specialized and tightly integrated that it usually has its own name, such as 22FDX®.


For every “technology” the fab needs a so called Process Design Kit (PDK). A PDK is a collection of technology-specific software modules that automate pretty much every step of the electronic circuits design process. That is why the PDK is an important element in Electronic Design Automation whose goal is to make it easy for the chip designer to make incredibly complex and tiny chips.

Our work

Smartcom's nanoelectronics team specializes in the development and verification of Process Design Kits (PDKs). Current technologies can fit 1 million transistors on a cross-section of a human hair and we can count the atoms building one transistor. Our work helps turn the design into a set of schematics, circuit simulations and design masks which are ready to manufacture at the fab.

Take a look at the inner workings of a fab:

We recruit both experienced engineers and university graduates who want to embark on a career in electronics. We also offer an internship program.

We work in the future

For every new technology, development starts 3-4 years before market launch.

Solve new problems

With each new technology generation we get to tackle new physical effects and to work with new types of electronic devices.

Work in a global team of experts

We have an in-house team of more than 100 engineers and physicists and we get to work with several hundred experts from around the world: recognized technologists, electronic device specialists, software experts, graduates of the top US, UK and European universities.

Work with world-class tools

Our engineers work with all industry standard electronics design аutomation tools from Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys.

Open Permanent Positions

We know that our work is pretty specialized and at the same time it is interesting and relevant.

We offer an internship program whose goal is to help university students explore their professional interests and to create a group of young and talented people trained in the field of micro- and nanoelectronics.

The program has been running for many years and currently more than 50% of our engineers are graduates of this program.

It is targeted at students in electronics, physics, computer science and related academic fields. The duration is 6 to 18 months and attendance is tailored to the workload at your university.

The program comprises:

  • Introduction to the design systems used for integrated circuits (Cadence, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys)
  • Introduction to the programming languages used in the world of microelectronics (Cadence SKILL, Python, Perl, TCL/Tk)
  • And perhaps most importantly - detailed introduction and hands-on work with state-of-the-art semiconductor technologies, electronics devices and processes required to build an actual electronic chip (integrated circuit).

Open Internship Positions