Product development and prototyping services

You imagine, we make

Extensive experience in the development and prototyping of industrial electronics products.

Off the shelf doesn’t always work

Most industrial applications have very specific requirements. Not just with respect to engineering but also cost. Off-the-shelf, OEM products have their own advantages but often don’t fit your needs. Don’t compromise! Let us develop a solution.

Totally new ideas

You have an idea for an innovative product but don’t have the resources to build a functional prototype, hardware MVP or pre-production version. Our engineers can plug into your innovation process at the ideation stage or much later - when you have to talk to factories.

Areas of distinct competence

We can design many different types of hardware-software systems but this where we have accumulated extensive skills and experience:

  • Wired and wireless communication technologies
  • Fiber optics
  • Industrial IoT
  • Sensors
  • Low power devices and battery management
  • Redundant systems design
  • Industrial grade equipment design

Our process

We follow a structured process in the execution of each development project:

  1. Functional requirements definition 
  2. Overall functional system design 
  3. Hardware design 
  4. Software and firmware design 
  5. Application and Web development
  6. Functional prototype
  7. Minimal viable product
  8. Pre-production prototype
  9. Internal testing and QA
  10. Regulatory certification
  11. Project and operating documentation

Primary skills

  • Ethernet technologies - up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Telecom interfaces
  • Data interfaces
  • High speed in-circuit interfaces
  • Power supplies
  • Components
  • Automated assembly
  • General mechanical device design
  • Thermal design

Schematic design

  • Complete schematic design, multi sheet, hierarchical structures
  • Components libraries - design of component symbols
  • Design rules definition and check
  • Netlist generation
  • Tools – Altium Designer System
  • Schematic review, reporting and redesign

PCB design

  • Component libraries - design of component footprints
  • Component placement, single and double sided
  • Multilayer boards, power planes, split planes, blind vias
  • Board routing
  • Traces - High speed, differential pairs, controlled impedance, trace length equalization
  • DDR2 topology design, route and trace equalization
  • PCB review, reporting and redesign
  • Post Processing (Gerber, Drill, Stencil)

Processor platforms

  • 8 bit and 16 bit (68HC11, 8051, AVR; HCS12, MSP430, STM)
  • 32/64 bit (ARM, MIPS, x86/x64)
  • DSP (ADSP-BF526)

Languages & Libraries

  • Assembly
  • C, C++ w/ STL, Java, Golang
  • UML (software design)
  • Scripting languages: PHP, Perl, Python, JavaScript, Lua, Unix shell scripting, etc.

Compilers & IDEs

  • GNU C/C++, CLANG
  • Sun Java SE & NetBeans
  • Keil C (8051) & Keil IDE
  • IAR C (MSP430) & IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Freescale CoreWarrior (HCS12)
  • SystemWorkbench for STM

Operating systems

  • FreeBSD and GNU/Linux application and kernel development
  • Embedded operating systems


  • Design and implementation of extensions (modules) for network and other  subsystems of existing operating systems
  • Kernel and userspace development
  • Networking and service daemons
  • Standard protocols, client and server implementation
  • Custom protocols, design and implementation

Web and application development

  • Frontend and backend design
  • PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, Golang
  • HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS
  • ReactJS, NodeJS
  • GIS systems

Software and hardware testing capabilities

  • Test plan definition
  • Test cases definition and description
  • Test cases execution and reporting
  • Automatic test equipment development
  • Bug-tracking systems: Redmine

Small scale production

Оur production facilities are sized to be efficient at small scale. We have developed relationships with different suppliers of components and materials, as well as related services: PCB manufacturing, PCB population, customization, manufacturing and branding of mechanical enclosures.