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Smartcom helps CSPs compete on innovative services
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The business model is still in transition

The Communications service providers (CSPs) market continues to undergo radical change driven by increasing consumer demand for data and competition from over-the-top competitors. Voice is shrinking. Pay TV is growing slowly. (source: Ovum). Fixed and mobile broadband is expanding but pure data is harder to use as a competitive differentiator.

Focus on quality

Some CSPs choose to compete on quality. Not all megabytes are created equal. As consumers and businesses demand more and more bandwidth for video and other network-intensive applications, quality of service and quality of experience can be the key to success.

Focus on new services

Other CSPs are investing in new revenue sources: smart home, on-demand video, etc. They need a solid infrastructure base that can fit the specific of the new services and revenue models.

Smartcom has targeted offerings to help CSPs address all of these challenges successfully.


Professional Services for Carriers | Service Providers

Modern optical transport technology is a true work of wonder. Vendors are constantly pushing the capacity limits of fiber to new levels. But all this power has to be harnessed to serve a simple purpose. Yours.

That’s when you need Smartcom’s team of experienced optical engineers.

We have a globally deployable team that has implemented hundreds of transport infrastructure projects, including subsea termination stations, in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Smartcom started building and integrating networks at telecommunications service providers more than 25 years ago. We know how to achieve carrier-grade scalability, functionality and dependability. 

We like to be on the sharp edge of network technologies and we do not baulk at strict service level agreements (SLA).

Telecom infrastructure is critical and hardware plays a central role. According to the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) hardware failure is the number one cause of service disruptions (30% of the cases), ahead of such engineering plagues as power cuts, software bugs and faulty upgrades.

Smartcom’s professional services for outsourced support and maintenance are specifically designed to tackle hardware failure and minimize its impact.

Construction management requires specialized skills. The successful launch of telecom or data center facilities often requires experience with installing and maintaining network infrastructure. Our facilities team combines precisely these two skills to be delivered as an outsourced service.

We have completed successfully more than 200 sites on the territory of Bulgaria, including site preparation and full renovation or construction.

Solutions for Carriers | Service Providers

Long Haul Transport Networks

New coherent technologies have made terabit capacities a reality. Push more bits through the same old fiber and avoid expensive infrastructure buildout. Ride the data wave, don’t be crushed by it.

Metro transport networks

Smartcom’s solutions feature flexible, grid-based, open line system components that support advanced modulation formats. They support SONET/SDH, Ethernet, and OTN switching on a single chassis, providing the universal tool for network modernization.

Mobile core and backhaul transport

Smartcom offers innovative, high-performance open and disaggregated solutions to flexibly address demanding future 5G network architectures. They feature SDN-empowered service planning, deep automation, and advanced multi-layer interworking.

IP MPLS networks

Converged, packet-based communication networks open the gates to increased flexibility for introducing new applications and services, while reducing the cost of operations and still maintaining safety and security.

Enable the creation of end-to-end circuits using any protocols and across any medium of transport. Achieve better reliability and performance due to enhanced traffic management capability.

High-Speed Provider Edge

Smartcom’s solutions include powerful, multivendor traffic management and engineering tools for IP/MPLS networks. You can use them to dramatically increase your network efficiency and your return on investment. With high levels of performance and reliability our edge solutions support the broadest range of business, residential, and infrastructure applications and services.

Carrier Ethernet

Smartcom’s solutions decouple the physical topology for transport and service layers which enables you to scale your networks to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of nodes. We offer scripting tools and APIs for automating routine and repetitive tasks. Easy integration with any OSS/BSS and zero touch deployment (ZTD) dramatically reduce the complexity of extending MPLS in the access layer to lower operating expenses.

Managed Security

Security is a full time job requiring specialized expertise and up-to-date (and up-to-hour) knowledge of the latest security threats. Concentrate on your core business by adopting Smartcom’s managed security services which include: full security risk assessment, roadmap to improve security, full complement of threat prevention, threat management, incident response and analysis services.

Wireless networking

Smartcom’s Wi-Fi solutions feature adaptive antenna technology, automatic channel selection, airlink performance testing, network statistics, network selection policy, airtime fairness, network load balancing, etc. Deliver revenue generating Wi-Fi services from a centrally managed platform that unifies in-home, community, MDU, venue and enterprise Wi-Fi domains.

Signaling and Policy

Independent Innovative and Robust Policy Control provides configurable flexibility, reliability, telco-grade performance, and innovative feature functionality for CSPs of all sizes and market segments.

End-to-end signaling platform that extends signal transfer point (STP) and signaling gateway (SGW) assets to LTE, M2M and Wi-Fi domains for enhanced connectivity, capacity and revenue.

Network and Border Session Control

Deliver trusted, first-class real-time communications services across Internet Protocol (IP) network borders. Satisfy critical service provider requirements in five major areas: security, interoperability, reliability and quality, regulatory compliance, and revenue/cost optimization.

Products for Carriers | Service Providers

Customer Success

We created Smartcom FiberEye, a system to monitor communication cables for any physical disruptions. Smartcom was responsible for the product lifecycle from planning, design, hardware and development, procurement, assembly manufacturing, documentation, to upgrades, and second line support. Implementation and first line support is provided by a partner. The system was upgraded with optical-mechanical sensors, made by Smartcom, to guard critical infrastructure elements, such as manhole covers and communications cabinets.

The customer claimed that the system paid for itself within one year. Currently, more than 2000 cables (more than 250 of which are fiber), 10000 km, and 800 manholes and cabinets are being protected. The event database has more than 10 million recorded events.