Optical transport technology keeps trying to outrun a relentless demand for data. Business and consumer applications move to the cloud, OTT content is consumed at ever higher interactivity and resolutions, IoT and 5G will create and push bits to the farthest corners of the globe - a lot of bits.

Smartcom’s transport networks solutions are based on advanced technology from worldwide leaders in optical networking.

Long Haul Transport Networks

  • As demand for data scales up, your price scales down. Your infrastructure has to keep up by providing loads more bandwidth and flexibility per unit of investment.
  • New coherent technologies have made terabit capacities a reality. Push more bits through the same old fiber and avoid expensive infrastructure buildout. Ride the data wave, don’t be crushed by it.

Metro Transport Networks

  • Metro networks are becoming more important as cloud players build more data centers closer to their users. More and more metro traffic will terminate within the metro network. Trends such as fiber deep, FTTx and 5G are also increasing the need for optical networking in the metro context.
  • New technological developments in long haul transport are making 100G capacities the new standard and pricing is increasingly affordable
  • Smartcom’s solutions feature flexible, grid-based, open line system components that support advanced modulation formats. They support SONET/SDH, Ethernet, and OTN switching on a single chassis, providing the universal tool for network modernization.
  • Bring the scale needed in metro access and aggregation networks, and especially those with significant space and power constraints

Mobile Core and Backhaul Transport

  • The 5G future may be unevenly distributed but it is definitely coming. More than half of consumer screen time is already mobile and this trend has nowhere to go but up.
  • Your 5G network needs to be simple, easy to deploy, and cost efficient. Yet it must also offer high performance with tomorrow’s service needs in mind.
  • We offer innovative, high-performance open and disaggregated solutions to flexibly address demanding future 5G network architectures. They feature SDN-empowered service planning, deep automation, and advanced multi-layer interworking.

Disaster Recovery

  • Business continuity and Disaster Recovery are mainstream solutions in many industries, such as financial services and utilities
  • Reaction time is critical and smart transport networks play a vital role providing the required bandwidth and alternative routes that meet stringent latency and capacity requirements in a very short period of time to minimize the impact on business operations
  • Smartcom has successfully implemented dedicated transport solutions tailored to the capacity, latency and reaction speed required by the specific disaster recovery applications

Data Center Interconnect

  • Smartcom’s solutions are optimized for density, efficiency, and ease of deployment. They are designed to meet the varying needs of cloud service providers, internet content providers, internet exchange service providers, enterprises, and other large-scale data center operators.
  • Customers are able to software-activate line-side bandwidth in seconds, without truck rolls, accelerating time to revenue
  • Data security is hardware-based, featuring state-of-the-art encryption and enabling extremely secure transmission for data centers

Enterprise Core Networks

  • Aggregating, grooming and transporting large payloads requires core networks built on flexible, yet rock-solid foundations
  • Next-generation core transport platforms need to combine the packet aggregation agility traditionally found only in more costly, feature-rich data elements, with optical transport scalability, operational reliability and guaranteed service protection
  • Smartcom’s enterprise core networks solutions have security features like built-in support for wire-speed encryption and strong authentication with multiple levels of protection

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It took Internet Protocol fewer than 50 years to become the world’s most common language. All new communications technologies adopt IP protocols as their architectural foundation.

Smartcom’s experts have accumulated expertise through many generations of IP technologies. We offer several solutions to meet the growing demand, especially by carriers, for exciting new applications and services based on IP.

IP MPLS Networks

  • Traditional IP routing has several well-known limitations. With the rapid growth of the Internet and the establishment of IP as the Layer 3 protocol of choice in most environments, the drawbacks of traditional IP routing became more and more obvious.
  • Converged, packet-based communication networks open the gates to increased flexibility for introducing new applications and services, while reducing the cost of operations and still maintaining safety and security
  • Enable the creation of end-to-end circuits using any protocols and across any medium of transport. Achieve better reliability and performance due to enhanced traffic management capability.

Managed Security

  • 70% of businesses have identified at least one security incident within their network. Each of these takes 3 months on average to discover and costs $3.5M to overcome.
  • Security is a full time job requiring specialized expertise and up-to-date (and up-to-hour) knowledge of the latest security threats
  • Concentrate on your core business by adopting Smartcom’s managed security services which include: full security risk assessment, roadmap to improve security, full complement of threat prevention, threat management, incident response and analysis services
  • Provide security awareness and policy-based control over applications, users, and content to stop advanced cyberthreats

Wireless Networking

  • Service providers and enterprises of all types are rapidly embracing Wi-Fi as an essential part of their networking portfolio
  • Deliver revenue generating Wi-Fi services from a centrally managed platform that unifies in-home, community, MDU, venue and enterprise Wi-Fi domains
  • The key to compelling and consistent user experience is the possibility to deliver a strong signal to the user’s device in almost any situation and regardless of any RF interference. The user experience gap between wired and wireless is in the past.
  • Smartcom’s Wi-Fi solutions feature adaptive antenna technology, automatic channel selection, airlink performance testing, network statistics, network selection policy, airtime fairness, network load balancing, etc.

Carrier Ethernet

  • Offering a lower cost per bit and bandwidth scalability, Ethernet’s popularity is also being fueled by unprecedented network traffic growth
  • Smartcom’s solutions decouple the physical topology for transport and service layers which enables you to scale your networks to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of nodes
  • Enabling MPLS on your network significantly decreases the risk of Layer 2 loops and broadcast storms. Multihomed connectivity between CPE and access nodes and between access nodes and aggregation nodes creates a loop-free, resilient network.
  • Support for Layer 2 and Layer 3 services such as MEF E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree, E-Access, VPLS, IP, traditional IP VPNs, and emerging IP EVPNs means you can use a single, converged, flexible infrastructure to profitably serve multiple customer use cases
  • We offer scripting tools and APIs for automating routine and repetitive tasks. Easy integration with any OSS/BSS and zero touch deployment (ZTD) dramatically reduce the complexity of extending MPLS in the access layer to lower operating expenses.

High-Speed Provider Edge

  • With high levels of performance and reliability our edge solutions support the broadest range of business, residential, and infrastructure applications and services
  • They draw upon software-defined networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and other advanced technologies. We apply them to simplify your infrastructure, streamline your operations, and increase your service agility and velocity.
  • Smartcom’s solutions include powerful, multivendor traffic management and engineering tools for IP/MPLS networks. You can use them to dramatically increase your network efficiency and your return on investment.

Data Center and Cloud

  • The cloud is driving transformation at the application layer. Your data center infrastructure must deliver the scalability, predictability, agility and the confidence your customers expect.
  • Smartcom’s cloud infrastructure solutions uniquely integrate capabilities for intelligence and automation that help you deliver applications and services efficiently and securely at cloud scale
  • Managing your distributed IT resources as a single, cohesive infrastructure requires the ability to consistently apply network, security, and operational policies across your entire environment. We offer a simple and agile way to orchestrate your workloads wherever they’re running so you can control your network end to end.

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Software is gradually eating the legacy provider infrastructure. New technologies and standards such as 5G are transforming the service core.

Smartcom’s Provider Service Core team is unique.

We integrate leading vendor technologies to offer the solutions below. Оur customers often need custom functionality to deliver differentiated services. This is why, we offer custom development of Converged Telecom Applications and an App Store with several ready applications.

Signaling and Policy

  • Independent Innovative and Robust Policy Control provides configurable flexibility, reliability, telco-grade performance, and innovative feature functionality for CSPs of all sizes and market segments
  • End-to-end signaling platform that extends signal transfer point (STP) and signaling gateway (SGW) assets to LTE, M2M and Wi-Fi domains for enhanced connectivity, capacity and revenue
  • Centralized Diameter routing for Secure and Elastic LTE/IMS Networks, which creates a secure signaling architecture that reduces complexity and cost
  • Carrier-grade, standards-based virtualized IMS core designed for NFV from Day 1, provides complete set of session core functions including Call Session Control Function (CSCF) and Break-out Gateway Control Function (BGCF) and their associated 3GPP interfaces

Network and Border Session Control

  • Deliver trusted, first-class real-time communications services across Internet Protocol (IP) network borders
  • Enable new service build-out and consolidation of service infrastructure
  • Accelerates initial offering or expansion of next-generation IMS or IP services
  • End-to-end session management for multi-vendor networks
  • Always on, always aware, completely customizable high availability for voice and unified communications
  • Satisfy critical service provider requirements in five major areas: security, interoperability, reliability and quality, regulatory compliance, and revenue/cost optimization

Enterprise voice & unified communications

  • Unified solutions, products and services offering intended to simplify and accelerate voice-enablement of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams implementations
  • Essential elements of any enterprise telephony network, adding VoIP capabilities to existing TDM equipment, or complementing IP-PBX or unified communications deployments with media gateway, IP phone and enterprise session border controller (SBC) solutions
  • Scalability, flexibility and reliability needed to ensure the successful deployment of best-of-breed, SIP‑based enterprise communications systems

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