Hey you.

The smart one. The problem-solver. The bold one.
The straight-A student, who skips boring classes.

We want you. 

If _YOU want to...

… travel to the Carribean, and install network transmission equipment,


… go to Japan and connect to undersea communication infrastructure,


… design a new piece of electronics,


… understand the intricacies of embedded software,


… decide how best to present data to the user,


or you simply wish to work in a friendly environment,

...then _YOU want _US. 

Educational Outreach

We work with world class technologies in telecommunications and electronics.

We love sharing our knowledge and passion with young minds in hopes of finding others like us and encouraging university-level students to explore these fields.


Each year, we mentor high-school students from the Technical School for Electronic Systems on their theses. Data shows that they obtain higher grades compared to other students!


Together with the Technical University of Sofia we annually organize a master class in Electronic Design Automation and Integrated Circuit Design.


We sponsor various events related to telecommunications and electronics such as the hardware hackathon “Smart and Useful Gadgets”.

Open Positions