Large Enterprises

Smartcom tackles the network infrastructure and
modern unified communications challenges in
large enterprises on their path to digital transformation.

Large Enterprises

Digital Transformation is just the latest in a decades-long stream of terms trying to describe how information and communication technologies are changing all aspects of the modern enterprise: from supplier to customer relationships, from the frontline to the boardroom.

It is not surprising that data from McKinsey concludes that companies have to invest in technology in order to reap its benefits.

This is easier said than done. Two challenges stand out.

Cloud-based architectures are upending not only the IT operational models but also the very business models debated in boardrooms. Customers might abandon your physical store but probably flock to your e-commerce site. Information technology is becoming more accessible and powerful from the viewpoint of users. Networks never break... Calls and messages follow me anywhere... But technology professionals know that this simplicity and new features require enormous expertise and efforts.

You can’t rip out everything every few years. Every new technology implementation must play well with older solutions, at least for a few years. Integration is key. And it is always custom - designed by thinking and knowledgeable professionals.


Smartcom understands today’s challenges faced by enterprises considering investments in their communications infrastructure. We have a range of professional services, solutions and products to help your company’s journey to digital transformation.

Professional Services for Large Enterprises

Modern optical transport technology is a true work of wonder. Vendors are constantly pushing the capacity limits of fiber to new levels. But all this power has to be harnessed to serve a simple purpose. Yours.

That’s when you need Smartcom’s team of experienced optical engineers.

We have a globally deployable team that has implemented hundreds of transport infrastructure projects, including subsea termination stations, in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Smartcom started building and integrating networks at telecommunications service providers more than 25 years ago. We know how to achieve carrier-grade scalability, functionality and dependability. 

We like to be on the sharp edge of network technologies and we do not baulk at strict service level agreements (SLA).

Telecom infrastructure is critical and hardware plays a central role. According to the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) hardware failure is the number one cause of service disruptions (30% of the cases), ahead of such engineering plagues as power cuts, software bugs and faulty upgrades.

Smartcom’s professional services for outsourced support and maintenance are specifically designed to tackle hardware failure and minimize its impact.

Construction management requires specialized skills. The successful launch of telecom or data center facilities often requires experience with installing and maintaining network infrastructure. Our facilities team combines precisely these two skills to be delivered as an outsourced service.

We have completed successfully more than 200 sites on the territory of Bulgaria, including site preparation and full renovation or construction.

Solutions for Large Entrerprises

Metro transport networks

Smartcom’s solutions feature flexible, grid-based, open line system components that support advanced modulation formats. They support SONET/SDH, Ethernet, and OTN switching on a single chassis, providing the universal tool for network modernization.

Enterprise core networks

Smartcom’s enterprise core networks solutions have security features like built-in support for wire-speed encryption and strong authentication with multiple levels of protection.

Disaster recovery

Business continuity and Disaster Recovery are mainstream solutions in many industries such as financial services and utilities. Smartcom has successfully implemented dedicated transport solutions tailored to the capacity, latency and reaction speed required by the specific disaster recovery applications.

IP MPLS networks

Enable the creation of end-to-end circuits using any protocols and across any medium of transport. Achieve better reliability and performance due to enhanced traffic management capability.

Managed Security

Security is a full time job requiring specialized expertise and up-to-date (and up-to-hour) knowledge of the latest security threats. Provide security awareness and policy-based control over applications, users, and content to stop advanced cyberthreats.

Wireless networking

Smartcom’s Wi-Fi solutions feature adaptive antenna technology, automatic channel selection, airlink performance testing, network statistics, network selection policy, airtime fairness, network load balancing, etc.

Enterprise voice and unified communications

Essential elements of any enterprise telephony network, adding VoIP capabilities to existing TDM equipment, or complementing IP-PBX or unified communications deployments with media gateway, IP phone and enterprise session border controller (SBC) solutions

Products for Large Enterprises

Customer Success

Smartcom integrated a unified communications solution, based on Microsoft’s Skype for Business, with the existing legacy voice infrastructure, including providers trunks, the bank’s call center, etc.  In addition, we developed a software add-on which enhanced the functionality of Skype for Business and enabled easier and customer-specific management of the SfB features.

The bank was able to offer needed unified communications features for some of its users without having to alter the entire voice infrastructure. At the same time, the ease of manageability was preserved without additional burden on the internal IT organization.