Smartcom Synapse

Connects the edge of IoT projects

Modular edge device based on open standards which comprises sensors, communications, power, CPU and software, all tailored to the specific use case requirements, such as smart metering.

The promise of IoT

The Internet of Things offers a wealth of opportunities. With applications from smart homes to smart factories, IoT is expected to become ubiquitous. The promise of IoT is to bring immense benefits to both customers and providers of smart solutions, through the automation of various processes.

The edge is the main unsolved problem in IoT

The focus of most IoT companies is on platforms and applications. The complexity of IoT integration often surprises customers during IoT projects that involve the installation or integration of various components at the edge.

The integration challenge at the edge

Gartner predicts that through 2018, half the cost of implementing IoT solutions will be spent on integrating various IoT components with each other and back-end systems. As IoT projects involve a large number of devices, a proliferation of application programming interfaces (APIs), and large amounts of data, integration of these components is often underestimated in terms of resources and time.

The connectivity challenge at the edge

In the construction or utility sector, IoT sensors and devices have to be put in basements or underground areas. Better and stronger connectivity is required - Bluetooth or Wi-Fi will not do the work, as they do not reach great distances, nor do they penetrate through walls. For places that are hard to reach, LPWAN connectivity is the most commonly used.

The power challenge at the edge

IoT devices require power. Unless it is located at the home, having a power socket is hard to find. This is why IoT devices for the utility and industrial sector are designed to be powerless. The problem with these devices is that their battery life is dependent on the amount of data they transmit. The more the data, the less the battery. In underground areas or places with no access, it is a major challenge to replace such devices, once they’ve run out of battery.

Smartcom Synapse fulfills the promise

Modular edge device based on open technology and standards which comprises sensors, communications, power, cpu and software, all tailored to the specific use case requirements; fits seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure or overall solution; and can be manufactured at scale.


Open standards, easily customizable, no lock-in

Smartcom Synapse is based on a modular design concept  that makes the product flexible to tailor as needed for the specific application. Most of the components are selected to have many available alternatives from widely known distributors. The embedded software is based on an open source operating system. All APIs are open, fully documented and comply with modern application development and security practices.

Application of Smartcom Synapse in Automated Meter Reading (AMR) for utilities

Utilities are being disrupted

Utilities used to be known as stable, cash generating businesses, focused on maximizing  asset utilization. Not any more. New technologies are driving four trends: decarbonization, decentralization, democratization and digitalization. Regulators are proactively changing the rules of the game. Smart metering is a key technology, necessary to enable many of these changes by supplying up-to-the-minute information to all stakeholders.

Smart meters are too expensive

There are two ways to achieve smart metering. Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is an older approach which uses an automated reader to get the data from the installed meter and transmit it to a central system. Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) combines the meter with transmission capabilities in one device. This approach simplifies things but this new “smart meter” is still too expensive. A large part of the extra cost comes from regulatory mandates to replace meters after a specified period to maintain accuracy.

Smartcom Synapse provides an ideal solution for automated meter reading in any environment

Smartcom Synapse can be configured as a reader from any meter already installed in your infrastructure, even those using dry contact. Avoid investment in replacing meters that still have years of useful life. Put money where you really needed it - in getting the meter’s information.


Low power

Utility networks span wide territories and don’t always have easy access to electrical power. The designers of Smartcom Synapse have thought about this and have provided various battery and connected-power options to fit your specific use case. All components and protocols, such as CPU, are chosen to satisfy the power requirements.


The nature of utility networks also presents connectivity challenges. Smartcom Synapse can support various radio communication options, from low power technologies such as LoRa and NB-IoT back to the classic 3G and 4G.


We can read from virtually any meter protocol. In some electricity metering protocols even allow is to read from several devices which further lowers the cost per metering point. All outbound APIs are open, fully documented and compliant with modern application development practices. Smartcom Synapse can be integrated into your existing billing, analytical and CRM systems.

Smartcom Synapse connects the edge for utility companies

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