Smartcom partners with utilities to build communication
networks along their infrastructure assets and
to enable new business models and
enhanced customer relationships.


Utilities used to be known as stable, cash generating businesses, focused on maximising  asset utilization and minimizing losses in generation, transmission and distribution. 

Not any more. New technologies and environmental considerations are driving four powerful trends. (source: Sandbag)

Decarbonization is changing the energy mix steadily in favor of renewables.

Decentralization is breaking up old hub and spoke models, especially in electricity generation. Now everyone (and everyone’s car) could become a small source of electricity that must be properly connected to the gid, billed and factored in the all-too-important energy balance. Energy storage is expected to be the most disruptive trend to utility business models in the 2020s.


Democratization is finally giving consumers the freedom to choose their provider of energy and to freely sell their excess production. The grid is expected to become a two-way infrastructure, more akin to the internet.

Digitalization is enabling a stream of information which now flows in parallel to resources, making them more predictable and manageable. It also opens new opportunities for utilities to add value to their relationship with customers. Your water company is no longer just a pesty bill generator but can also alert you in time of broken pipes at home and provide usable ideas for resource savings.

Regulators are proactively changing the rules of the game, aiming to foster these trends, without risking reliability and out-of-control consumer prices.

In this environment, Smartcom's products and solutions enable new business models for utilities based on advanced telecommunications and Internet of Things technologies.

Professional Services for Utilities

Modern optical transport technology is a true work of wonder. Vendors are constantly pushing the capacity limits of fiber to new levels. But all this power has to be harnessed to serve a simple purpose. Yours.

That’s when you need Smartcom’s team of experienced optical engineers.

We have a globally deployable team that has implemented hundreds of transport infrastructure projects, including subsea termination stations, in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Smartcom started building and integrating networks at telecommunications service providers more than 25 years ago. We know how to achieve carrier-grade scalability, functionality and dependability. 

We like to be on the sharp edge of network technologies and we do not baulk at strict service level agreements (SLA).

Telecom infrastructure is critical and hardware plays a central role. According to the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) hardware failure is the number one cause of service disruptions (30% of the cases), ahead of such engineering plagues as power cuts, software bugs and faulty upgrades.

Smartcom’s professional services for outsourced support and maintenance are specifically designed to tackle hardware failure and minimize its impact.

Construction management requires specialized skills. The successful launch of telecom or data center facilities often requires experience with installing and maintaining network infrastructure. Our facilities team combines precisely these two skills to be delivered as an outsourced service.

We have completed successfully more than 200 sites on the territory of Bulgaria, including site preparation and full renovation or construction.

Solutions for Utilities

Metro transport networks

Smartcom’s solutions feature flexible, grid-based, open line system components that support advanced modulation formats. They support SONET/SDH, Ethernet, and OTN switching on a single chassis, providing the universal tool for network modernization.

Long Haul Transport Networks

New coherent technologies have made terabit capacities a reality. Push more bits through the same old fiber and avoid expensive infrastructure buildout. Ride the data wave, don’t be crushed by it.


Customer Success

Smartcom Synapse is an edge device based on open technology and standards which comprises sensors, communications, power, cpu and software, all tailored to the specific use case of the customer. A large municipal water utility needed to read and collect automatically usage data from the end meters in its network. 

The modular design of Smartcom Synapse enabled its rapid modification to fit stringent requirements with respect to environmental shielding, cellular connectivity and ease of remote installation and management. The customer was able to achieve its goals without making large investment in replacing meters which had many remaining years of useful life.