Smartcom xCPE

A customizable home gateway for telecom operators that manages the Quality of Experience of the end consumer, including Wi-Fi.

Service providers are facing persistent challenges in consumer homes

60% of customer support calls are due to Wi-Fi

25% growth in broadband speeds every year

50% permanent increase in hybrid workplaces

Better customer experience = lower support costs

Family control

  • Parental controls
  • Easy enabling and disabling of guest privileges
  • Instant network status and visualization

Home network security

  • Enable secure work-from-home
  • Protect your home network from risky IoT devices
  • Suspicious activity notifications

Remote management via TR-069

  • Secure, centralized management
  • Full standards compliance
  • Compatible with all ACS

Fully customizable


Example customizations

  • At boot time xCPE adapts automatically to diverse access network configurations, e.g. tagged vs untagged IP network segment

Benefit for the operator

  • CPE device inventory is unified and simplified which lowers deployment costs and the risk of error. Enables faster deployments.
  • Auto-fix of Wi-Fi issues according to operator policies
  • Proactive resolution of connectivity problems minimizes customer support calls
  • Capturing of Wi-Fi event stream (e.g. connection and disconnection, band changes, time to connect, etc.)
  • Granular view of client device Wi-Fi interaction with the CPE for better root cause analysis and problem resolution
  • Detailed data about connected Wi-Fi clients
  • Additional insights for managing customer experience


Embed custom features to differentiate from your competitors

What do you need?

What are your ideas?


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Whole home coverage and Wi-Fi 6

Superior performance with Wi-Fi 6

AX 1800 + 1 GB LAN

Superior speed


Two and three floor coverage


Better network capacity


Increased range


Better network capacity


Higher power efficiencies


Increased peak throughput


Better performance in dense environments

Quality of Experience (QoE) analytics

MONITOR, ANALYZE and MANAGE the home network

  • Background collection of lightweight metrics
  • On-demand tests to diagnose support incidents
  • Real-time and historical data
  • Detailed Wi-Fi survey and metrics
  • Tests can accommodate specific operator policies and SLAs
  • Slice and dice: by geolocation, compare time periods, etc.
  • Analyze and take action

...many additional analytical views and tools are available

Vision for the future

5G is driving SD-based technologies in the operator core and RAN

Smartcom believes that HW-SW disaggregation is the future of fixed access infrastructure

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