Smartcom xCPE

Powerful features for providing better internet at home

Optimized residential gateway with customizable embedded software and a centralized management system which proactively monitors the Wi-Fi signal and provides the best customer experience at any end device.

The digital race is on

Communication service providers’ business is under threat. Due to the accelerating pace of technological innovation, telecoms must adapt to the rapidly changing market demands.

New technologies, new customer expectations and increased competition disrupt the tried and tested ways of working. OTT players put additional pressure on the telco market, as they are eating up traditional voice and messaging services.

There is opportunity

Consumers are evolving digitally. The increasing number of connected IoT devices at home and demand for data are boosting traffic growth. According to Cisco,  IP traffic will grow by 4.8 zettabytes per year by 2022, which is over three times the 2017 rate (one exabyte is 1 billion gigabytes and a zettabyte is a thousand exabytes). Connected devices at home will amount to more than 7 per person. These trends present a significant opportunity for communication service providers to become digital service providers and increase the share of the market pie.

The opportunity is at home

The high use of the network results in Wi-Fi bottlenecks that prevent customers from enjoying the full benefits of their Wi-Fi. Service providers have to keep up with these rising expectations of service with the fast-evolving digital customer. Improving the existing services is just one strategic move for telecoms. The rest goes beyond that. Home Wi-Fi improvement is a key competitive differentiator. It remains largely unmanaged, as currently 60% of all customer service calls are being linked to home Wi-Fi network issues. Improved customer satisfaction through a better-quality experience is the way for telcos to gain more ground and strengthen their position at home.

Smartcom xCPE enables telecoms to rise to the challenge

Smartcom xCPE is a highly-optimized residential gateway, located at the home of a customer. Remote management via TR-069 Auto Configuration Servers (ACS) reduces the need for truck-rolls and customer support time. Smartcom xCPE is the way to provide premium Wi-Fi experience for your customers.

Fully customizable firmware

Unlike cheap, no-name CPEs and feature-rich, branded CPEs, it is based on battle-tested reference hardware designs, offers only the hardware features needed and has a fully customizable embedded software based on an open source platform.

The “x” stands for customer eXperience

A centralized management system proactively tracks and manages the Wi-Fi signal, providing the best customer experience at home. In addition, the operator can see KPI statistics to track performance over time and by geography.

Various hardware configurations are available

There are three current hardware configurations. We are continuously discussing new features with our customers and are gradually integrating them as it becomes possible to manufacture them at scale.

Smartcom xCPE enables service providers to compete in the race for the digital home

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